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Get direct YES, NO, or MAYBE answers from the Invisible World with my pendulum reading. 


How it works:

1. Give me your questions - no more than 10.

2. I will connect with Spirit utilizing my pendulum to get direct answers for you.

3. Reading will be video recorded and sent to the email attached to your purchase.


If you cannot fit all your questions in the "Notes" at checkout, or if you do not see the Notes option, reply to your order confirmation email with your questions. Again, anywhere from 1-10 questions. If you have more than 10 questions for the pendulum, consider purchasing two pendulum readings.


The pendulum only answers YES/NO/MAYBE questions, so be sure to phrase your questions in ways that are applicable to that. Of course, I will share with you any other messages or energies I feel present from Spirit when asking your pendulum questions. But if you want deeper explanations, please consider booking another one of my readings.


Example Pendulum Questions:


"Should I look for a new job?"

"Should I accept that offer?"

"Am I on the right path with x, y, z?"

"Is this relationship right for me?"

"I feel like (describe the intuitive impression you're receiving). Is it true?"


If you are unsure whether the question on your mind is appropriate for a pendulum reading, feel free to email me via my Contact page and we can talk about it.


3-5 business day turnaround, although I will try to get these done as fast as possible. You can also add this option on to any of my card readings for further clarification. For example, if you want to combine one of my video card readings with a pendulum reading, buy both and I will include them in the same video. At that point though, my card reading turnaround time would apply.

Pendulum Reading

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