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Live Readings

About Live Readings

I'm offering live readings for the first time ever!

This is a video call held via Instagram. You can choose between a 15 or 30 minute session. During your session, you can ask me as many questions as time allows for, and you can give me as many or as little details about your situation as you'd like. You can also use this session as a safe space to talk about what's currently going on in your life, and I will tap in with Spirit to provide you some guidance.

This reading is a combination of a card reading and direct channeling from Spirit. I will show you any cards that are pulled during your reading, and you are welcome to ask me for photos of the cards pulled as well, if you want to remember them. I also invite you to have a notebook or paper and pen nearby so you can take notes if you feel guided to.

The 15 minute session would be best if you had one-two questions or situations you're seeking guidance on. The 30 minute session would be best if you have a lot you want to share with me, or multiple questions.

I have a variety of readings and printable products available in my Shop, as well. Please browse those if this reading option is not for you.

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