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Harness the powerful energy of the moon with my Moon Magic printable product. This digital download features journal prompts and a ritual log designed for use with the new moon and full moon, or you can also utilize it during any moon phase you choose. Reflect on how each moon phase is affecting you and set intentions and affirmations to align with the lunar cycle. After setting your intentions and reflecting, use the included ritual log to record the magic you weave with each moon phase. Return to your ritual log to record the manifestations that unfold as a result of your magic.


Whether you're seeking clarity, manifestation, or emotional release, this tool will help you tap into the energy of the moon in a meaningful way. Embrace the magic of the moon and elevate your spiritual practice with this transformative printable product. Moon Magic is the perfect companion for anyone looking to deepen their connection to the cosmos and manifest their desires with intention.


Thoughtfully crafted, and an easy addition to invite into any spiritual practice. If you aren't working rituals, you can use the ritual log to record any action steps you take during the new and full moon cycles, and how that action impacts your journey in the following weeks. Download your copy today and start harnesssing the transformative power of the moon.

Moon Magic

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$4.17Sale Price


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