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Are you looking to release old, negative energy and emotional attachments that are holding you back? My Cord Cutting Ritual is the perfect solution for letting go of past relationships, toxic connections, and lingering attachments.


This ritual is is designed to help you release energetic cords that no longer serve you, allowing you to reclaim your personal power and move forward with clarity and freedom. Each ritual is personalized to your specific needs, providing a deeply transformative and cathartic experience. Whether you're seeking closure from a past love, releasing trauma from a difficult experience, or simply ready to let go of any energetic baggage, my Cord Cutting Ritual can help you release and reset.


How it works:

- provide me with your full name and the name of the person/habit/energy you are wanting to be free from

- I will perform the ritual, which includes two candles, one for you and one for the other party connected by a cord. As the flame burns the cord and the candles, the energy between you and the other party is cleansed.

- I will watch the candles burn and read the flames to provide you with extra insight into how the magic is working for you.

- the entire ritual will be recorded and sent to you via a private YouTube video so you can watch it and reflect.


The ritual will be done within 4 days of purchase. I will do it as the sun sets or in the early nighttime hours, as that is when the energy will be most potent for this ritual.


You do not need to do anything while I perform this ritual, except trust that it is working for you. As you watch the video, hold positive and healing thoughts for yourself and the person/thing involved, and you will be liberated.


This is an empowering and healing ceremony, that will help you take a step towards a brighter, more positive future.




1. Can this be used for twin flame connections?

Yes, it can. If you want to release someone who you felt was your twin flame, this is a great way to cleanse and clear the energetic attachment between you two.


2. What if I want to cut the cord between myself and someone I want to keep in my life?

This ritual can cleanse the energetic connection between you so that you are not feeling drained by the person you wish to keep in your life. Just let me know those specifics when you book, or reply to your purchase confirmation email with those details.


3. It can be used for situations other than relationships?

Yes. If you want to cut an addiction, or an energy within you such as lack mindset or fear, this can help.


4. Is it only for romantic relationships?

No. You can use this for any relationship you want to stop giving your energy and power to.



Cord Cutting Ritual

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