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Connect with Spirit, your guides, and your ancestors through the craft of divination.


This is a mini video-recorded tarot and oracle reading. Reading will use a variety of tarot and oracle cards, and will be between 5-10 minutes long. This option is best for those who have a quick question or a single focus area and don't need a very in-depth reading. If you are looking for a longer reading, please consider my Video Recorded Reading.


Reading will be uploaded to a private YouTube link and sent to you via email. You are welcome to provide me with as many or as little details as you'd like about your situation or focus area for your reading, but I do ask that you list at least one focus area or question in the notes when checking out. If you are unable or forget to leave your questions/details, or if you need more space than the notes allow, you are welcome to respond to the order confirmation email with the details you wish to share with me. If you do not have a specific focus area or question in mind, please put "general" or "messages I need to hear right now," in the notes section when checking out.


Reading will be deliverd to the email address attached to your order unless you provide me with a different address. Turn around is within 7-10 business days. If you are looking to receive your reading faster, please view my Express Delivery Reading.


Reading does not automatically download. I have to provide a file to list this offering. The file that downloads is a Purchase Notice explaining when and how your reading will be delivered.

Mini Video Recorded Reading

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