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Connect with Spirit, your guides, and your ancestors through the craft of divination.


This is an express delivery reading - if you have a question or are experiencing something and you are looking for immediate guidance, this is the reading for you. This reading will be delivered to you within 48 hours of purchase, as opposed to the 10 business days turnaround for my other readings. This means your reading will be pushed ahead of others on my schedule to keep in the 48 hour time frame. This can be on any subject or topic. The reading is a recorded video reading!

Please be sure to leave your email address and some details about the situation you are inquiring about and what your questions are when purchasing, so I can get your reading to you faster.

The reading will be between 20 and 30 minutes. I will upload it it a private YouTube link and send the link to you as soon as the video is finished uploading (please be aware the time it takes for the video to upload varies). 

Reading does not automatically download. I have to provide a file to list this offering. The file that downloads is a Purchase Notice explaining when and how your reading will be delivered.

Express Delivery Reading

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