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Awaken + unlock the powerful force within you.


All of us have Divine Feminine energy within us. When we choose to develop this energy within ourselves, we unlock the gateway to our power. As we become more empowered, the world changes.


There are three core archetypes within the Divine Feminine. These are the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. Each of these aspects is active within us at different times throughout our lives. This printable workbook takes a closer look at the traditional meaning of these aspects, the modern application of these archetypes, and provides journal prompts and rituals designed to help you work with each archetype within you.


What's included:

- 10+ page printable workbook (PDF)

- 5 journal prompts per archetype

- explanations of each archetype

- detailed rituals to embody each aspect within yourself

- invocations for each archetype

- why developing your Divine Feminine energy is important


Who's it for?

- anyone who wants to understand and develop their inner goddess


The journey of the Divine Feminine is intricate and intense. This workbook is intended to help you get closer to your inner goddess, no matter where you are on your journey.

Divine Feminine Archetypes Workbook

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$9.00Sale Price


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