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This a 6 page downloadable and printable pdf that will add some spice to your divination practice. If you are seeking direct guidance from your spirit guides, this tool is for you.



- yes/no/maybe

- alphabet

- zodiac signs

- seasonal/months 

- moon phases


Sheets are intended to be used with a pendulm, dice, or any way you see fit! Let your intuition guide you.


Example questions you can use the sheets for:


- "When will x, y, z happen?"

- "What moon phase would be best for this spell?"

- "Will I get that job?"

- "Will they text/call me?"

- "What's the first letter of my soul mate's first name?"

- "Which zodiac sign is thinking of me?"


The list goes on and on! Get creative. Use sheets on their own or in combination with tarot or oracle cards for an even more in-depth reading.


You will receive links to download the file in your email after purchase.

Divinatory Sheets

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