Weekly Energy Reading: 01.10.22 - 01.16.22

We have the moon in Taurus and then in Gemini for most of this week. The Aries moon over the weekend ignited our passions and got us thinking about what we want to do next. The Taurus moon is a great time to take action towards our desires as they say things begun under a Taurus moon tend to last longest. When the moon enters Gemini mid-week, we will move out of our focused and serious energy into a more playful and lighthearted one.

We also have the 1.11.2022 portal this week. This will be a great day to manifest anything relating to union, things coming together, and world peace. Check out my latest tarot reading on YouTube to delve deeper into this energy.

The Reading

This week's theme: The Ace of Cups

Love, abundance, and fertility have been on all our minds lately. We know 2022 is a powerful year for things coming together, and now that we are past the first week of the year, we may be wondering where certain blessings are or how/when things will unfold for us.

Spirit is reminding us to tap into Universal Love to keep ourselves centered and aligned with all our manifestations. Share love with those in your life currently, shower yourself with love, and choose to surrender and flow to the timing of your life.

Some extras - emotional balance, powerful emotions, heart overflowing, heartfelt communication, a new baby/pregnancy, a new pet, a dream job offering, spend time near water or working with the water element, work with lotus flowers/imagery, invoke Goddesses specific to your manifestations

This week's challenges: Death

Something may have recently ended in your life, or is coming to an end this week. This could be a circumstance in your external world, or it could be a part of yourself. With the presence of The World in our clarification cards, you may be ending one cycle and entering a new one this week. I feel someone being surprised when one of their manifestations comes through this week or even this month.

Extras - Scorpio energy, a romantic relationship is ending (for you or someone important in your life), you know you need to leave something behind - the soil is no longer fertile and it's time for you to grow

This week's blessing: 5 of Cups, (clarified by The World + 10 of Cups)

I know right, the 5 of Cups as a blessing? Like, WUT? One of my favorite people used to call this card "Batman," and that is coming to mind right now. Haha

So, the blessing is this: something is ending in your life, and although you may be sad about it, it is ending so that a greater cycle, one with more abundance and love, can take form in your experience. If you do not see a physical ending to something happening in your life, then this at least shows that a part of you is dying. It may very well be the part of you that tends to always expects things to not work out for you. It may be the part of you that has spent a lot of time focusing on the negative. Or it could be that you are choosing to release something you have been forcing to be for a long time (either through intention or through experience/holding on to it). As you let go, Spirit is stepping in to bring you an answer to your prayers. What is manifesting for you is much better than what you release, I can tell you that.

Extras - someone may be letting go of the desire for reconciliation with a twin flame or divine counterpart - this may help things move forward in your connection, but you have to really mean it when you let go. If it doesn't move things forward in your connection, then a high level soulmate will enter your experience instead.

More extras - celebrating, moving, starting a family, family healing, happy family life, dreams come true, Cinderella, a new beginning, expansion, destiny

Have a blessed week!



Deck: Universal Rider Waite

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