Weekly Energy: 12.27.21 - 01.02.22


This is going to be a powerful week...

As you can see from the photo, we have very intense energy this week. We have the Earth Queen (Queen of Pentacles), the Fire Kitten (Page of Wands), and the Sea King (King of Cups).

There are a few different ways we can interpret this, which I will do in a moment. But I have to reiterate, the very first thing I heard when I pulled these cards is that this is a powerful week, and there may be a few other players taking part in the events you experience this week.

I feel there may be an important woman or feminine energy holding space for and aiding you this week. This woman or feminine energy is going to provide you with some guidance that you need. You may feel immature, or inept to handle this situation on your own. But this feminine guide is going to show you that you are more than capable of getting through this challenging time or transition in your life.

I feel like you are filled with fiery energy currently, and you are eager to just jump in any direction, as long as it gets you out of the cycle you are currently dealing with. Spirit is reminding you to settle your energy before making any impulsive decisions. Balance your emotions and your passion by grounding your energy. Focus on something you can do in the physical world, such as working on a project, exercising, or taking a walk in nature. I'm hearing "use your hands," as building or creating something with your hands will get you in tune with the physical world and will be a great channel for all the passionate and emotional energy you are holding within right now.

You may also be the feminine energy stepping forward to help yourself or someone else, this week. You may see your children or a younger family member struggling with something, as well. I'm hearing "be in your Empress energy." Show this young one the love and care they are so desperately craving right now. Feeling supported will help them work through the problems they are facing. If this is not a child or someone younger than you, it may be your own inner child who needs support.

We also have a masculine energy present here. This may be a man in your life or yours or someone else's masculine energy coming through. This person feels very stern to me, even though the card is the Sea King. This person is wise and intuitive, yet they have been distant from you for some time. This person may come forward to bring you clarity this week. Balance needs to be restored in this connection.

Overall, there is a need for greater balance to be built within you and within your life. This week, think about how you are showing up in your relationships and in your world vs. how you want to be showing up. Are they the same or are they different?

Utilize manifestation rituals and alchemy this week. Following the Solstice, it seemed as if balance was being restored between the dark and the light in our lives and inner worlds. Now it is time to take what we have learned and move into the new. Don't be afraid. Do what you feel is best for you and all will be well.

This week, we have Jupiter entering Pisces (is that why I felt the stern energy with the King of Cups?) on the 28th. This could also be why you're feeling this intense passion, anger, and deep emotions. We also have the Capricorn new moon on January 2nd - perfect time for magic and rituals dedicated to manifesting your desires for 2022.

Wherever you are, I hope you have a blessed week.



Deck: Mystical Cats Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone + Mickie Mueller


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