Weekly Energy: 01.03.22 - 01.09.22

Welcome to 2022! This year is bringing us together, aligning us with what's meant for us, and sparking a desire to be of service to others, whether it be in our personal lives or in our communities. Our focus this year is compassion, for ourselves and for others. We are changing the very fabric on which our society was built. With every lesson we learn, as we level up, heal, and grow, we are weaving a new way of being all across the planet. Make peace, presence, and love your top priorities and trust in the Divine Plan. This will be a beautiful year if you allow it to be.

This is where you came from - 5 of Cups

We begin this spread with the 5 of Cups. The last two years were very heavy for many different reasons. You may have suffered from grief, anxiety, depression, etc. You may have been deep into a dark night of the soul, exploring your shadow side, and facing your inner demons. You may have felt like nothing ever goes your way, despite all the manifesting work you have practiced. There was an overwhelming sense of sadness you felt, especially in 2021, as you experienced loss, heartbreak, and separation, to name a few things.

With this 5 energy here, and 2021 being a 5 year, everything you experienced was transforming you. Anything that didn't work out simply wasn't meant to. Last year was destined to shake things up within you and within your life, in order to align you with what is really meant to be in your experience.

This is where you are going - The Chariot

Now how interesting that both of these cards have a horse on them, too. Horses may be significant to someone reading this, but even if they aren't, it's still fun to see the sad horse on the 5 of Cups transform into the empowered and determined horse on The Chariot.

You have evolved a lot more than you may even realize or give yourself credit for. You know what you want and you know where you are going. You are moving towards all you dream of this year. This week, you will feel more in tune with your inner warrior, your will is being activated. No more are you going to allow yourself to wallow in self-pity. You have accepted that what is lost is lost. You have surrendered to what is, and you are taking charge, moving towards what you want. Keep this balance throughout the year of trusting the Divine, while also taking aligned action, and you will see victory and success this year.

This is what is difficult for you - 9 of Wands

One of the main challenges you have faced, especially over the last few years, is waiting for others to take action. You have perhaps put the blame on other people, choosing to "wait" for them before making decisions and moves in your life. You may see this pattern repeat this week, or you may be worried that it will repeat in the future. Just remind yourself that you have the power here. Express what you want and need from others and if they can't give you that, either take matters into your own hands or move on. This is your life, and you deserve the chance to go after your dreams. Don't let anyone (or yourself) hold you back!

There is also a reminder here to pace yourself. You do not need to rush. Take your time and let Spirit take the wheel. Talk with Spirit about what you want. Practice manifestation rituals. Take aligned action, and otherwise, detach. Slow and steady wins the race.

This is what makes sense - Son of Wands

You are feeling adventurous this week as you think of all the possibilities available to you in this new space. You are breaking the habit of comparing yourself to others, as you understand that perfectionism is an illusion. You are feeling more ready to just get started, instead of doubting yourself and your abilities. You know that everyone has to start somewhere. And the people you currently look up to once started from square one, too. You are feeling like your dreams are more attainable than they were previously. This is a great mindset to be in!

This is your ultimate goal - 6 of Cups

Your main goal is joy. And you will be feeling lots of joy this year.

For some of you, this is inner child healing. For others, this is reunion/union with a soul mate/twin flame/divine counterpart. For some, this is starting a family, or even connecting with soul family. You are seeing that the most important thing to you is healing, feeling joy, inviting pleasure into your life, and sharing love with the people you love most.

As you continue to heal yourself and rise into your most authentic self, you will heal and attract relationships with the people who are meant to be on this journey with you. Keep doing you, babe. And leave space for all these different types of love to blossom in your life. They will, and they are. It's in the bag, honey.

Have a blessed 2022, and a magical week! I love you!



Deck: The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans

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