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The Witchy Way to Deal with Crappy Emotions

Crappy emotions hit us all, no matter how witchy or spiritual we are. They don't make us any less powerful. In fact, they make us even more powerful.

The role of a Witch.

A witch is someone who knows their own power and works with the Spirit World to serve others and themselves. Part of working with the Spirit World includes recognizing the Universe is composed of both light and dark aspects.

This can be a hard pill to swallow, especially when part of the role of a witch is to help make the world a better place. Like, why would we want to deal with darkness when we are here to be the light? Right? Wrong.

The darkness is not just something that happens outside of us. It is also something that lingers within. And that's okay. To pretend we don't have a dark side is to deny who we are. We are dualistic in nature. Within us, we have inner light and dark, feminine and masculine, soul and ego. The truth is we need all parts of ourselves to be complete and to navigate life.

It is up to us to honor all of our dualities, and to work with our darkness, instead of against it. It is the role of a witch to transmute darkness into light.

The role of crappy emotions.

Crappy emotions are part of the "darkness" that dwells within us. Crap emotions don't show up with the sole intention of putting a damper on your day. They show up to help us see something that we hadn't seen before, to teach us something, and empower us to move forward on our path.

When you're struck with lower vibrational emotions that cause you to shut down, enter hermit-mode, or feel depressed, your mind, body, and spirit are asking you to pay attention. During these times, it is best that you detach from the outside world and spend some time in quiet reflection. In this space, you will be able to gain a better understanding of why you're feeling a certain way and what you're meant to do with it. It is a witch's role to take those lower vibrations and transmute them into something higher.

The witchy way to work with those emotions.

1. Honor how you feel.

You'll first want to honor the way you feel. It is the suppression of our emotions that drags us down even further. If we deny our emotions for too long, we can end up with physical and emotional ailments, as well as block ourselves from the things meant for us. Our emotions are key to understanding ourselves and who we really are. Pretending our emotions are different than what they really are means we are being inauthentic. It's our authenticity that aligns us with the things meant for us.

We need our emotions on all ends of the spectrum. Without them, we would have no guidelines to base our desires, goals, and manifestations on. Always honor the way you feel - your feelings indicate what you want and don't want in your experience.

2. Dig a little deeper.

After you have accepted and honored the way you feel, dig a little deeper. Ask yourself why you feel the way you do. Hold yourself through whatever you uncover and remember to pace yourself. Facing our emotions head-on means facing our triggers, our fears, and those parts of ourselves we keep buried deep within, sometimes without our knowledge. When we go within, it's not always a pretty sight. But in order to transmute energy, we need to know what we're working with. Don't avoid asking yourself the bigger questions and facing memories, desires, or needs that have been suppressed.

For example, let's say you've been feeling angry lately. After you have accepted your anger, ask why you've been angry. Keep digging deeper until you understand what's going on. A lot of times, you'll find the issue that triggered you is small in comparison to the underlying issue.

Let's go back to the anger example. After sitting with yourself for a while, you realized you're not angry because of what someone said. You're angry because you're tired of feeling underappreciated. You want to feel valued. Your desire to feel valued is much more powerful than your anger about what someone said. Now you've got clarity about the energy growing inside you and you can begin to decide what to do with it.

3. Transmute that sh*t.

Once you have identified the root cause of your emotions and what you truly desire, you can decide how to shift the energy. It really is that simple.

Let's revisit the anger example one more time. You discovered through your angry emotions that you want to feel valued. To transmute your angry energy, decide how you're going to help yourself feel more valued.

Maybe you want to begin practicing affirmations about valuing yourself. Maybe you want to do a self-love ritual. Or maybe you want to talk about the importance of valuing yourself on your social platforms. You may also need to express your feelings to someone else, to let them know what you're going through and what you need from them as you heal.

There may be more than one way you want to go about transmuting the energy, but just as with the initial steps, you'll want to ensure you are doing the inner work. Our inner world reflects our outer one. If you want to see what you're desiring in your outer world, you must always start within.

The act of transmuting energy has one goal in mind: taking your darkness and raising it into the light. If you can learn from your darkness and use what you've learned to better yourself, your life, or help others improve their lives, then you have successfully transmuted the energy. It doesn't matter how you lift the energy. All that matters is that you are left feeling empowered, passionate, and ready to keep going.

Witchy work is never done.

When venturing into your inner world and transmuting energy, remember to be gentle with yourself. You don't have to rush or discover all the answers when you first get started. Sometimes it's necessary that we sit in those darker emotions for a while before trying to work through them. Sometimes we have to really get into the darkness in order to find the light.

And just because you transmute energy doesn't mean you will never face the same problem again. However, since you have worked through it before, you will know what to do this time, and you will know when and how to transmute.

The most important thing is that you are honoring all aspects of yourself. Our dark and our light sides are equals. Both are necessary for us to thrive on our journey. Never berate yourself for feeling low vibes. Try to find a balance that feels right for you and transmute those lower frequencies when you have learned what you need to learn. You have the power.

With love,



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