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6 Ways to Connect with your Divine Feminine Energy

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Awakening the goddess within is pretty easy - and so transformative.

Divine Feminine energy is a powerful, flowing energy. It houses the creative and receptive forces within everyone, no matter their gender. This is the energy that creates worlds - and it is lying dormant within you right now.

In ancient days, Divine Feminine energy was honored and revered. Women were looked to as rulers, healers, and leaders in their communities. The natural intuitive and empathic abilities of a woman were considered sacred.

Through years of patriarchal conditioning, this energy has become suppressed. Being sensitive, vulnerable, and in tune with your intuition has been made to be a crazy thing. Both women and men have been negatively impacted by this. As a result, the world is seeing more pain, division, and disconnection.

Right now, Divine Feminine energy is rising again within everyone, and this will bring about great shifts in the world. Gone are the days of pushing, fighting, and controlling. A new era is being born, and it is coming from the Rising of the Goddess.

If you want to be a part of birthing a new world filled with love, compassion, and understanding, you must reawaken the ancient Divine Feminine energy and wisdom within yourself.

Awakening this energy is actually very simple. Everyone has this energy within, and anyone can tap into it at any time. Here are 6 ways you can begin to awaken your innate Divine Feminine energy:

1. Meditate.

Meditation asks you to quiet your mind and slow down. When you slow down, you connect with the flowing, trusting, and receptive energy of the Divine Feminine. Slowing down allows you to connect with yourself, and ground into your present moment, instead of putting your focus outside of yourself, or into the distant future.

2. Move your body.

Dancing, yoga, or even simple stretching helps you to connect with your body. Connecting with your body helps you to build a better bond with yourself, strengthening your self-love and self-expression.

3. Connect with nature.

Spending time in nature helps you to ground and cleanse your energy, as well as connect with your roots. It is in this space that the whispers in your soul get louder, thus allowing you to hear your Divine Feminine wisdom with more ease.

4. Align with the moon cycles and seasons.

Divine Feminine energy is always flowing and shifting, just as the moon and seasons do. When the moon is new, so is the Feminine energy within, making the new moon a great time to create something or set intentions. When the moon is full, celebrate your accomplishments and manifestations, knowing that the time for release, death and rebirth is coming again soon, as the moon wanes once more.

The seasons work in a similar way, with spring representing the new, and winter representing death before rebirth. Aligning with these energies helps the Divine Feminine energy within you to continue flowing with all of life.

5. Develop and trust your intuition.

Your intuition comes from your Divine Feminine energy. It is Her voice that guides you when you seek answers, have a decision to make, or are reading a vibe from a person or place. If you want to open yourself up to ancient Divine Feminine wisdom, begin by building your intuition. And remember, the more you trust and listen to your intuition, the stronger it gets.

6. Listen to your body.

Like your intuition, your body sends you messages and signals about how it is doing, how other people/situations are affecting your energy, and about what steps you should make next. Divine Feminine energy encourages us to build a relationship with your body because your body is your friend, and it has a lot to tell you. Tuning into your body's messages helps you to heal and release outdated patterns and beliefs, so that your Divine Feminine energy has space to blossom within you.

Awakening your Divine Feminine energy is an intense and transformative process. Healing yourself and remembering the truth of who you are at your core can be overwhelming.

As you continue to awaken this energy and evolve, there may be times where you feel you have reached your limit. Surrender during these times. Let your emotions flow and allow yourself to evolve.

The new world being birthed cannot be born without Divine Feminine energy. As you heal, rise, and stand in your power, a ripple effect is created first in your inner circle, and expands throughout the entire collective.

Your rebirth and your rising inspires the same process to begin happening in others. This is how positive, beautiful, and lasting change will spread across our planet.

It all begins and ends with awakening your own Divine Feminine energy.

Looking for more ways to strengthen your divine feminine energy? Explore the options below.

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