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My 1:1 sessions are special because they have a goddess twist! In each session, we will work closely with the goddess and the divine feminine archetypes to discover how you can strengthen and balance your sacred feminine energy to craft a life you love.


All of my work is led by my intuition. In some sessions, we will work with tools I have created to help you identify your blocks and create a plan for you to meet your goals. I may also occasionally work with tarot or oracle cards to help the energy flow if we feel unsure which direction to move in. Each session will be a unique co-creative experience between you, me, and the goddess.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


How will a coaching session benefit me?

If you are feeling stagnant, low energy, or if you are feeling disenchanted with life, it is my goal to help you reconnect with your sacred feminine power and find that exhilaration again. Through my one-on-one sessions, we will find ways for you to activate and embrace your goddess energy,  love yourself more, and create a life you truly love.


What happens during a session?

My priority is to build a connection with you and offer support on your journey. Each session will begin with a check-in, whether it’s your first time or you’re returning. We’ll talk about how you’re feeling and if you’re returning, we’ll discuss the progress you’ve made since the last session. We will identify what you’d like to focus on and develop a plan of action for you to get there. We may use tools or exercises to help pinpoint your goal. All sessions are goddess-led. We will flow where we are being guided.


Are you certified?

Yes. I received my life coaching certification from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Arizona in 2017.


How is coaching different from therapy?

My empowerment coaching sessions put the primary focus on your growth. We focus on your present moment and how you can better yourself and your life right now and moving forward. Therapy is more focused on discussing the past, as well as the present and future. Therapists also focus on mental health diagnosis and treatment, which I cannot do as a certified life coach. Therapy and coaching can both complement each other, however. If you feel guided to both, and want to utilize both, that would be of great benefit to you.

How long are sessions?

The sessions are one hour long each and are virtual.


How often should I book a session?

This is up to you. I would recommend anywhere between once a week to twice a month. Since we are working on achieving your goals, it would be most beneficial for us to meet often, but not too often, so that you have time to apply the plan we have created for you in between sessions.


Will there be any interaction between us in-between sessions?

The Single Session and the Package both include follow-up emails after the session or in between sessions. You are welcome to email me any time if you have questions about your plan, or if you need a little extra encouragement. We can always schedule a session earlier if you feel you need one. My main goal is to support you on your journey.

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