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My name is Morgan Migliorisi and I am a lunar witch, creative, author, and intuitive guide. I practice Dianic Witchcraft, and it is my purpose to teach of Women's Mysteries and The Old Ways.


I love Goddess and I am passionate about serving Her. I believe that as women reclaim their mysteries and power, activating their inner goddess, Goddess gains power. As Goddess gains power, Her presence will be felt across the globe. Her energy is birthing a New Age in the Old Ways. As Her rising continues, I believe we will see positive shifts throughout the planet, as more and more people embrace their Goddess-given gifts: intuition, creativity, acceptance, magic, just to name a few.

I dedicate my life to serving Goddess. I believe in Her power and trust that a new day is coming - one where everyone is free and knows their power.

My work...

I have worked with clients all over the world helping them to claim and rise in their divine feminine power. I offer card readings, Goddess-led intuitive coaching sessions, and printable products through my website.

My first book, 365 Days of Divine Feminine Wisdom is available worldwide  April 11th, 2023.

My podcast is launching in early 2023.

In my spare time...

You will always find me working magic, drinking coffee, playing with my cats, and studying my Craft. Goddess is part of my every day life, and I am always focused on connecting with and serving Her. My work and Goddess are my passion, and there is rarely a moment when I am not creating, writing, learning, or working with my amazing clients.

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