My name is Morgan Migliorisi and I am a Witch, Creative, and Intuitive Guide. I have worked with clients all over the world helping them to claim and rise in their Divine Feminine power. I currently offer personal card readings, rituals, and printable tools. My first book is being released with Hay House in April 2023. My podcast is launching fall 2022.


I believe the Divine Feminine is rising on our planet and we are the ones meant to carry out Her work. It is my mission to help people everywhere awaken their inner goddess, hone their power, and craft the life they love. 


By choosing to walk the path of the Goddess, we help create a new golden age on Earth. I like to call this the New Age in the Old Ways. As we embrace our inner sacred feminine energy, we shift out of a patriarchal way of being and birth a new way of life for all - one rooted in love, compassion, and the wild ways.