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rise + shine


This is a 15 page printable workbook designed to help you create your best life. 



1 cover page

12 exercise + writing pages (print out your favorite pages again + again for future use!)

2 affirmation/prayer pages (hang these somewhere you will see them, or put them in your planner)


Workbook Topics:

- gratitude

- morning + evening journaling 

- exploring + getting to the root of your triggers

- examining your past + beliefs you picked up there

- self-love

- connection with the Universe

- identifying your wildest dreams

- identifying your fears

- expressing a truth you need to tell

- how our relationships mirror us

- manifesting your desired reality

- recognizing your power

- love + romance

- rewriting limiting beliefs


This workbook was created in a very unique way. Each page has a different layout to stimulate your imagination and get you connected to your higher mind. Each of the practices within these pages are things that I have done throughout my own healing journey and I think they will help you as you continue to rise + shine too.




*Extras - document is 15 pages and downloads in a PDF form. You will receive an email with your download. Be sure to print it on portrait and fit it to page, so it prints properly. The pages have a textured look to them and each page has color, as well.


Please let me know if you have any trouble downloading your workbook by sending me an email.

rise + shine (printable workbook)

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