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Rise with me

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Energy is shifting on the planet and throughout the collective. A new call has been sent, awakening ancient wisdom within those who have heard it. The Divine Feminine is rising, and she is asking you to rise with her.

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is in all things and people; it is the sacred fire of the omnipresent goddess that fuels all life. Over the last few centuries, the goddess and her feminine principles have been cast aside by the patriarchy. Women and feminine gifts were shunned and forced into a box too small to even breathe in. 


As the patriarchy took over, the old ways were forgotten. The goddess and her blessings were labeled as something evil and dangerous. It was no longer acceptable for a woman to utilize her intuitive or creative abilities and women were forced to obey the desires of man. This resulted in lots of conditioning and negative behaviors that had a detrimental impact on all people, as well as nature. Without the presence of the unfeigned feminine energy, the world and its people have suffered.

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that Divine Feminine energy cannot be contained. She is bursting from her prison and rising like she never has before, and she needs you. Balance must be restored on the planet for it and its people to thrive once more. The ways of the patriarchy must change and the feminine must become empowered again. This is why you have been called.


Your role as a person who is in touch with their sacred feminine energy is to tap into the ancient wisdom that lies within you and wield that force to empower yourself, crafting the life you love in the process. The more you go within yourself and free yourself from your own prison, the more you assist the goddess in her rising.

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to live by your magical nature. You are here to live a life of bliss and abundance. You are here to utilize your goddess-given gifts and use them to create a better tomorrow for all of Earth’s children. You are a part of the goddess and you are meant to live like it.



If you are ready to free your inner goddess and craft a life that is truly your own, you have come to the right place. By addressing the things holding you back, healing from them, and dedicating yourself to the path of the feminine, you will witness miracles unfold in your life.


I have been working with the goddess for the last 5 years and my life has blossomed in beautiful ways due to our relationship. With her guidance, I was able to:


  • Leave my unfulfilling job and begin serving my purpose

  • Build a full-time virtual business

  • Land a book deal with my dream publisher

  • Work with amazing clients all over the world as they activate their feminine energy

But it’s not just about the material gain.


The blessings and opportunities that have graced my path did so because I chose to embrace my inner divine feminine energy and love myself more. With the goddess’s hand guiding my path, I went within myself, confronted my shadow, and began to break free from my own self-imposed limitations. 


This is a cycle that continues to this day. I am a firm believer that people are never fully healed, but that healing is about gaining valuable wisdom from everything one experiences and using that wisdom to forge new pathways moving forward. There are days where I feel confident and creative, and there are days where I feel small and uncertain. But no matter where I find myself in my own journey, there is no better feeling than finding my power once again. And it would not be possible for me if I did not build my connection with the goddess.

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How I can help you...

Guided by the goddess, I have created services and tools for you to use as you find her within yourself and the within world around you.

1:1 Coaching

My one on one coaching sessions are intended to help guide you as you unleash and embrace your inner feminine energy. Sessions are similar to life coaching, but have a different flow, depending on how I am being guided to assist you. All of my work is led by my intuition, so each session will have its own energy and flavor. Regardless, my intention is to help you go within, free yourself, and accomplish  your goals.


Sessions are approximately 30 minutes each and will be held via Zoom. For more information, follow this link.

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Divine Feminine Reading

This is a personalized intuitive reading that is typed and sent to your email. I connect with the goddess to help bring you clarity about your current situation or questions. This reading is intended to deliver guidance to you regarding your journey, as well as provide insights as to how you can further embrace your divine feminine energy.

Divine Feminine Archetypes Workbook

I designed this workbook to help you understand the different aspects of the divine feminine. There are 3 main archetypes of the goddess: the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. This printable workbook helps you get to know each of them and provides you with rituals, journal prompts, and invocations to utilize in your sacred practice.

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I offer a range of card readings and printable products in my shop. You can also connect with me daily by joining my membership.