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Rising with Morgan

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Hi, my name is Morgan Migliorisi (Rising With Morgan). I am a witch, psychic medium, and author.

I have been intuitive all my life. I started studying dream interpretation and astrology in middle school. By high school, I was reading tarot cards. I have been a professional tarot reader for over five years. I am a certified life coach and intuitive guide. My first book, 365 Days of Divine Feminine Wisdom was published with Hay House in April 2023.

I work with Hecate and Diana primarily for my rituals and readings. I also connect with my ancestors and other deities regularly. I say this because they are behind all I do, and I feel they deserve the credit.

I live in the Arizona Valley with my partner and our three cats. In my spare time I am watching movies, connecting with Spirits, bird-watching, reading, writing, or unraveling mysteries.

Thank you for being here.

- Morgan

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